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A space dedicated to merging two of life’s greatest creations - romance and food

Food & Dating strives to educate, interest, excite, and inspire those who are foodies, romantics, and playful at heart.

We believe that the best food is food shared with someone we love, and that the best love is made even stronger through memorable moments dining out over delicious cuisine.


An all-in-one male-focused online magazine.

Bringing the latest style, fitness, health and fashion advice to men around the world.

ActiveMan was born out of a strong desire to create something men around the world have always wanted – a one-stop-shop that satisfies their lifestyle hunger.


Latest stories about startups and tech around the world

At Fyxes, we have publish the latest news and interesting stories about the startup and the tech industry around the world.

Using our powerful storytelling abilities to convey positive and inspiring messages.